Tom Martin is an apologist for child rape and child prostitution

Aha! Here are the questionable views on paedophilia that I mentioned Tom Martin has expressed. He really is a piece of work. When I confronted him on Twitter with these quotes, he said: “I lost an argument. Child rape!” It’s so sad that he doesn’t even see that he’s saying anything wrong.

Anti-Porn Feminists

Tom Martin is no longer just a misogynistic clown, he is a misogynistic clown who is an apologist for child rape and child prostitution.

Man Boobz has blogged a series of comments Tom Martin left on his blog, where Martin calls children as young as 10 ‘whores’.

Tom Martin is considered, by other MRAs themselves, to be a leading light in the ‘movement’, and this rape apologist clown is still getting legitimised by the mainstream by being invited to public debates where he can make claims like “My belief is that 50 to 90 per cent of rape claims are made up, the rape statistics are inflated to make men look more rapey than they really are” without offering any kind of evidence or proof beyond his own bitter, distorted world view. This guy is an internet troll who somehow got let out into the community,

He has clearly…

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