The Stolen World

Reblogged because I think this is beautiful, simple and yet has this underlying anger that makes it strong.

The Occasional Poet

If we gave you an inch
Then you’d pilfer our yard
And we gave you a mile
So you co-opted our world

Every road closed for passage
With no safe return
No markings to guide us
As we watched our Romes burn

And the skies became yours
And the seas and the lands
All the sand in the timers
And the grain in your hands

We went diving for pearls
And came back with just grit
No beauty to cling to
Just foul oyster spit

We searched and we traveled
Across oceans and time
Trying to find
Our first homes so sublime

But you’d broken them down
And built towers of steel
The surroundings were deadly
With you at the wheel

So we packed up our bags
And we shuffled away
Striving forever
For a safe space to stay

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