The Corpse Bride, or How I Made A Wedding Dress for £10

Getting married? Hopelessly/ridiculously out of pocket? Want to look like a dead child on your wedding day? Never fear! Here, I spill the secret of how to make a wedding dress for £10 (as long as you don’t mind looking dead).

Ok, first ingredient, a cheap, white, shit maxi dress from Ebay


I think it cost, like, £4.

Then I bought the CHEAPEST white ‘lace’ I could find in my local fabricshop, and used some leftover white fake organza from my box of fabric (for box, read carrier bag stuffed in the corner of my bedroom).

I added cute cap sleeves

WP_20140407_005 (1)

Then cut up the back and inserted the fabric I had bought to make a long train


I added a bow to the back of the train to make it extra pretty


And then I covered it in blood and used it as a costume for a murdered child in my play


Happy Wedding Day! Hope you don’t get murdered!


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