Here’s the twitter page for my theatre

Here’s the twitter page for my theatre company, @SquallandFrenzy

We make theatre of ritual, ecstasy, madness and complicity (Brighton based)



Samuel Beckett and Cats Talk About The Pointlessness of Existence

This might just be my favourite thing ever. Who knew sad cats and Beckett would go so well?

Content Catnip

Universally emo playwright Samuel Beckett writer of the classic play Waiting for Godot, is pitch perfect for some sad feline company. I don’t know why nobody thought of this before? Here are some deadly serious Samuel Beckett quotes along with self-conscious, awkward and pissed off cats. Genius!

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Here’s another tear-jerker, a collection of cat tales played on the world’s smallest violin

Happy Friday!

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The Corpse Bride, or How I Made A Wedding Dress for £10

Getting married? Hopelessly/ridiculously out of pocket? Want to look like a dead child on your wedding day? Never fear! Here, I spill the secret of how to make a wedding dress for £10 (as long as you don’t mind looking dead).

Ok, first ingredient, a cheap, white, shit maxi dress from Ebay


I think it cost, like, £4.

Then I bought the CHEAPEST white ‘lace’ I could find in my local fabricshop, and used some leftover white fake organza from my box of fabric (for box, read carrier bag stuffed in the corner of my bedroom).

I added cute cap sleeves

WP_20140407_005 (1)

Then cut up the back and inserted the fabric I had bought to make a long train


I added a bow to the back of the train to make it extra pretty


And then I covered it in blood and used it as a costume for a murdered child in my play


Happy Wedding Day! Hope you don’t get murdered!

Super-cool embroidery technique – A La Game Of Thrones

So I recently produced the first production with my new theatre company…Yay! And really want to share with the general interweb an awesome embroidery technique that I used for one of the costumes. It’s ultra time consuming but also ultra-fun, and I’m planning to one day make a whole piece using it – maybe a leather jacket even!

I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, and I got the technique from the website of Michele Carragher, who, for those of you who don’t know, is the supremely talented woman behind the embroidery on the Game of Thrones TV show costumes.

Do you remember Dany’s dress for a lot of Season 3? This blue number: 3A - DAENERYS STAGE ONE - GAME OF THRONES EMBROIDERY BY MICHELE CARRAGHER

Well, this dress (and most of Dany’s subsequent dresses) have a beautiful Dragonscale embroidery technique worked into their shoulders. Just take a look at the close up


Notice the scaly textured blue bits? That’s Dragonscale. And Michelle gives a wonderful guide on her website on how to master the technique.

Well, I wanted to use this technique from the second I saw it. It’s so detailed and beautiful, yet really tough and powerful. And, see, my play had this character…A ballsy, fiercely protective mother who ends up murdering her husband. And I just knew that she needed some dragonscale on her costume.

I bought a cheap black blazer from ebay, took off the hideous gold stud beads on its shoulders, added shoulder pads for added essence of Dynasty…


And added my dragonscale!


Voila! Sorry for bad picture quality BTW, I’ll try and do before/after/process shots now I’m officially a blogger!

My dragonscale looks different from Dany’s, partly because it’s nowhere near as neat! But also, I used a very shiny, tough fabric (almost plasticy), and decided not to go with the final step Michelle recommends, of pressing the dragonscale flat, as I wanted the shoulder pads to look as Fierce as possible!

Anyway, that’s my first experiment with dragonscale. Now to work my way up to that leather jacket…